When Queens Meet the Drama Begins

When Queens Meet the Drama Begins

Pope Benedict XVI will be meeting with Queen Elizabeth 2nd next month on his trip to London. Many hope the Pope will stay away from issues on which the British Government and Papacy disagree. It is hoped that the Pope will not get to Catholicy in talking down to people in a judgmental style, rather it is hoped that seeking common ground will be the goal of the Papal visit.

Obviously this trip will have the potential of opening ancient prejudices. It may also clash with the British secular world around such issues as abortion, homophobia, women, and the victims of clergy sexual abuse. Metaphorically speaking what lays ahead is a cluttered mind field. One misstep and there could be rioting in the streets.

This Pope is known for putting his foot in his mouth, when he is engaged in a conversation that he feels uncomfortable about.

It is important that Catholics and others be open to at least listen to the Pope. Give him a fair hearing, and then respond with dignity.

The Rainbow Sash Movement is seeking a clear response of disapproval for Pope Benedict XVI’s UK visit.  We are calling for a boycott Sunday Masses specifically in London, and more generally across the UK on both Sunday, September 12, 2010 and Sunday, September 19, 2010 to show that Catholics are not happen with the leadership of this Pope.

If you support an open and more transparent Church stay at home and pray for a humble Pope. We can start the journey of change in the Church only if the people in the pews make the Pope accountable for his abuse of power.

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