Vatican II Greater than Gregorian Reform Movement

Vatican II was about inspiration not application, a point that is missed or misunderstood by many so called orthodox Catholics. The question that haunts Vatican II is when will all this anger hate and bigotry be done? Promoting a culture of homophobia in the name of Christ shows not only a betrayal of Christ, but also of Vatican II. The question  Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender (LGBT) Catholics must answer in all of this is who do we follow Christ, or his followers?

Vatican II has called all of us to the margins of our Church, not to its structure. The centralized concept of the papacy reached its apex under Pope Pius XII, and harkened back to the days of the “Gregorian Reform Movement” (1073-10875). However Vatican II in its wisdom resurrected the ancient theological principle of collegiality. The whole Magisterium would guide the Church under this principle not only the Papacy. The Pope, and Bishops working collegially with each other would the guide the Church into the 21st Century.

The struggle for self identification is the matrix out of which the Rainbow Sash Movement has emerged; it is that which is so terrifying to the Hierarchy truth in being. We believe that the concept of collegiality will in-power the local Church to put pastoral concern ahead of dogmatic purity.

Some Gay Catholic organizations want to shy away from a critical conversation with the culture of homophobia in the Church because of fear of confrontation on any level. There are many reasons for this but primary among those reasons is the impact clericalism has had on gay development within gay Catholic Organizations.

The Rainbow Sash Movement believes that we must become active agents of Catholic Social Teaching beyond our comfort levels. The liturgy should never be confused with liturgical comfort, and /or theater. It truly is the work of the people not the springboard of self aggrandizement of our hierarchy. We can no longer remain either hidden or silent while Pope Benedict XVI and his band of homophobes try to put a wedge between our humanity and spirituality.

We firmly believe that Vatican II holds the key to unlock the chains of homophobia that presently shackle the Church. But until that happens we must continue to find themes for dialogue and cooperation, when possible, with the magisterium. Remember that the Church is having a very difficult time wrapping its pastoral mentality around the issue of pluralism, as it use to have with the concept of Democracy in its understanding of Church vs State.

The basic responsibility of the Church should not be to preach sacred homophobia, or even to sit in judgment, it is to proclaim the Kingdom of God for all. The Rainbow Sash Movement is not seeking favoritism from the Church but freedom to function according to our human nature.

We continue to call for genuine dialogue. It is a given that such a conversation will not produce quick or even multiple conclusions. Right now it is enough that we have a pastoral conversation with each other.

Bob Moore
Rainbow Sash Movement


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