Vatican Retreats to Dark Ages on Gay Marriage

Proud to be both LGBT and Catholic

The Roman Catholic Papacy is on the wrong side when it comes to the Human Rights of Gay and Lesbian People. The Vatican joins such 3rd World Countries like Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya and the United Arab Emirates in finding that same sex marriage should be legally outlawed by the state, and some of these countries even promote imprisonment, and  the death penalty  for gay and lesbian people. The Church has forgotten who it serves when it comes to the People of God instead of standing with the marginalized it finds itself allied with fear and bigotry.

A US federal judge last week struck down the California’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage as a violation of the U.S. Constitution.  Mexico’s Supreme Court, on an 8-2 vote, upheld the constitutionality of a Mexico City law that took effect in March. The Church is losing the public debate in the court of reason while its rational is being shown to be based more in bigotry than reason. Both decisions only emphasize that the Church is once again on the wrong side of history, and outgunned when it comes human rights vs. religious freedom.

Recently The Catholic Church’s highest official in the Holy Land sharply criticized Israeli authorities for permitting a gay pride march on Thursday (July 29) through the streets of Jerusalem. We have not heard one word from Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal on this issue of the clergy sexual abuse scandal, but he had this to say about the recent  Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem  “defy family and marriage.” Where do they get these uneducated and unsophisticated individuals from?

The Gay Marriage debate is being forced to balance towards reason, and not just emotion. Sadly this where the Pope Benedict XVI’s arguments collide with visible bigotry, and expose the summit of prejudice that is motivating the Pope over the “Sense of the Faithful”.

It is time for words of compassion and reasonableness from those who claim leadership among the Catholic Hierarchy. They will no longer be the source of what is human rights and what is not, they have lost all credibility in the west. The Pope is faced with the reality of shrinking clergy, followers, and yes money it is time that humility, charity, love, and compassion again occupy the Chair of Peter.

Bill O’Connor
Rainbow Sash Movement